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    WAITING | A.J.Myles (Prod. By A.J.Myles) now available on SoundCloud! You won’t regret listening.


    WAITING | A.J.Myles (Prod. By A.J.Myles)

    Velli x Rook x MillaTime

    Jan. 4, 2014 Moizenvelli performance Live in Miami, FL.

    SALUTE ….. ’ velli.


    Henny from the block.

    That yak.

    Take advantage, do your best, my nigga
    Don’t stress, you was granted everything inside this planet
    Anything you imagine, you possess, my nigga

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    Happy Birthday.

    Only tha government coulda had this bruh. Happy birthday 2 tha REAL OG of this rap shit. SALUTE. My main influence, Tupac Shakur.

    1luv 1thug 1nation.

    #VELLI … Link up.

    IG | @moizenvelli
    Twitter | @moizenvelli

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    Kurupt leaving Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend’s House this week …lol 

    Nah!!! Lol

    Once upon a time.

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